Where to Stay in Pensacola, FL

Pensacola, FL is a rising travel destination, and for good reason. When considering where to stay in Pensacola, you probably started with your typical comfortable hotels that you're familiar with, right? We do the same sometimes, especially if we don't have time to find the absolute best place to stay - you can always rely on a good old fashioned Holiday in Express or Comfort Inn, etc to give you peace of mind.

But if you're visiting a town such as Pensacola, and plan to stay in the downtown historic area, you would be shortchanging yourself if you booked with a normal hotel!

We did the research for you and found an absolutely stunning Bed and Breakfast - read on!

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Best Place to stay in pensacola, fl

The Victorian Bed and Breakfast is our pick as the best place to stay in Pensacola, FL. The home was built in the 1850s and has more character than you can possibly imagine. The details from this era have been preserved, while the necessary upgrades to keep the home to par with modern accommodations have been made carefully. The caretaker of the home (Barbee) is as sweet as you can imagine, and will treat you to a great home cooked breakfast in the morning along with coffee. You're literally transported in time when staying at this location, and it really is worth treating yourself, if only for a weekend.

lodging near palafox pl in pensacola

One of the most attractive features of staying in the Victorian Bed and Breakfast is it's location. If you've chosen to spend a weekend in the downtown historic district of Pensacola, you'll really appreciate the fact that you can drive to the heart of Palafox in 3 minutes, or, if you're up for it, take a morning stroll to the north end of the street to start your day of activities.

If you haven't already read about Palafox Place in Pensacola and all of the pleasant things it, and Pensacola as a whole, has to offer, head over to our review here!


If you look closely at this photo, you'll see the details in the character of this home. The old fashioned wallpaper, the candles on the walls, the rugs, the chandaliers...

Sure, you could spend your time at a beach resort built 10 years ago with a flat screen TV on the wall and a mini-fridge, but if the same price will get you a cultural treat, why even consider anything else? The interior of the BnB is true to the era it was built, and the owners have been careful not to place decor that would detract from that goal. When you walk in, you almost feel as if you could be making a 'house call' with an old settler of Pensacola, as they typically did back in those days.

We smirked at the fact that you half believe you'll see a man stroll out of the dining area with an eyepiece, large mustache, maybe a top hat, and his coat tails fluttering as he rushes to his first appointment of the day.

spacious suites in downtown pensacola

The accommodations you'll be given are just as impressive as the rest of the house. We were extremely impressed by our suite for a couple reasons. First, we didn't think we'd be getting so much square footage for the price we paid; we really expected just a room with a bed, much as you'd expect in a hotel. Much to our surprise, we had a bedroom, a separate bathroom area with a table, and another nook set up for studying/office work.

Second, the common areas of the Victorian home are a bit dark in atmosphere and lighting, but our suite had a light and bright airiness to it - almost as if it could have been a bridal suite. We tend to really favor bright whites and clean/simple decor and this suite delivered on that perfectly, while still hinting at Victorian with chandeliers and fixtures from that era.

Personally, we were fans of this decor. Simple but comfortable.

This next part might sound odd, but we really liked the old style bathroom. The tub stands alone with golden/brass fixtures and there was a small table off to the side that could be used for a variety of things - maybe even a private brunch of your own in the room before you head out for the day.

Call us weird, but we like really nice bathrooms - this one seemed so classic and clean!


Through most of our travels, we prefer Booking.com because they have a great refund/cancellation policy, and you don't actually pay until you stay.

You can book your stay by clicking here - price will vary depending on the season you visit, but hopefully we've convinced you by now!