If you're going to stay in historic Pensacola for a weekend you'd be selling yourself short by staying in any big hotel chain. There are lodging options from the 1800s that have been carefully preserved and are the most romantic and charismatic places to call home for a short time. We think we found the best one - take a look.

Our Favorite Luggage

We've owned and managed to destroy more than a few suitcases as we've travelled around the world. We were constantly in search of a bag that we could both pack in and that would hold up to our adventures. Turns out, we needed to look for a suitcase built for something entirely different. This is our honest opinion on the best suitcase for two people.

Affordable Travel



We consider this one app (or website) a piece of our gear, basically because we pull it out any time we're booking travel. It's becoming more popular, but we still come across friends that had no idea!