WHAT is a bluf

Well, it’s an acronym, and we can give you an example:

BLUF: We are two US military veterans that have finished our service commitment and are now essentially homeless and jobless, traveling and exploring as much of the world as possible over one and a half years with the simple goal of engaging in as much culture and adventure as possible and sharing it via social media.

So that’s the Bottom Line Up Front on us (Jimmy and Maggie) and what we’re doing. See, when we were active duty, we were constantly reminded to be short and concise, straight to the point, in every form of communication. Time is of the essence when it comes to the military, and the faster you can communicate your information to decision makers, the better. Thus, the entire DOD is pretty big on any long form communication having a BLUF, the Bottom Line Up Front, so you can gather the pertinent information about the topic in one or two sentences. If you feel compelled to read on after digesting a BLUF, you can gain more information in the body of the text, but it’s not always necessary.

So we took this idea and are attempting to reconfigure it for all of our travel and social media content. There is so much useful information out there today about travel, but it seems you have to scroll through pages and pages of information to get the 5-10 info data points you were after. Maybe we can fix that?

On this website, you’ll get the unfiltered stream of consciousness about our adventures and travels. On Facebook, you’ll get short videos here and there, some useful information, and other tidbits. Youtube is where you’ll find our fully polished travel videos, and Instagram is the place to go just to look at our pretty photos but still get some good info.

We’re sitting in Zanzibar right now, writing this about section, having only been traveling for about a month. We have no idea what lies ahead of us, but we’ll share it with you as best we can!