We finally had the chance to spend a weekend in Pensacola, Florida with the simple goal of enjoying and exploring the city. With architectural and cultural influence from Spain, France, Great Britain, the Confederate States, and of course the US, Pensacola is the city of 5 Flags and is definitely worth your time. 



Most venture to Iceland in the summer months - is it worth it to brave the cold of the winter? In our opinion, it's the best way to experience what Iceland truly is - a land of frozen beauty with cascading waterfalls, bubbling volcanic earth, atmospheric ice caves, and of course, glimmering and flowing ice.

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One of the most underrated countries in Europe that most definitely deserves a visit from you. Spain will romanticize you with basilicas, castles, culture, exquisite cuisine, and Cava (Spanish champagne) that is cheaper than the water.

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TORONTO/Niagara Falls

One of the most affordable international trips you can take today (seriously, check flights now!), Toronto and Canada as a whole will feel just like home. The unique culture inspired by Europe is a blend of friendliness and comfort that allows a stress free visit. No one here minds that you're a tourist! Oh, and why not whip over to those waterfalls everyone talks about?